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Scenes from our 2011 Winter Recital

Welcome to High Spirit Dance! Here at High Spirit our goal is to influence today’s youth to be confident, charismatic and productive in the community. One of our main distinctions is that we choreograph and dance to Christian music. We have high standards in morality which do not allow our students to dance to music with negative lyrics, wear revealing costumes or perform inappropriate dance movements. With the pressure of today’s permissive society, we believe we need to direct our youth in the right direction. Dancing with High Spirit is a fun and positive way to do so.

High Spirit Dance has been in business for almost 20 years and has had the opportunity to bring many children into our program. In our program we teach ballet, jazz, hip hop, all boys breakdancing/hip hop, lyrical, tumbling/beginning gymnastics and cheer. We conduct our classes at eight community center locations throughout Albuquerque. Since we work in the community centers, we are able to offer classes at very reasonable prices. We also provide fundraising opportunities to the students which helps pay for costumes, classes and performances. All students participate in two recitals a year at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and also perform at special events such as the Christmas and State Fair Parade, church fiestas and other community events. High Spirit also has an intermediate dance squad that provides students the opportunity to travel and participate in national dance competitions. Our students have traveled to California, Arizona, Colorado, New York, Florida, Spain and Hawaii to compete and study dance.

One of our teachers, Cynthia Maestas lays to rest a misconception about High Spirit Dance.  A parent questioned over and over with disbelief inquiring as to where Cynthia obtained all her dance training.  When told that Cynthia has never been to another dance studio other than High Spirit Dance, this parent was surprised that she had never trained at another dance studio.  Since we work in the community centers, some people think that we are not capable of raising well versed dancers.  The difference between High Spirit Dance and some other studios is that we do not push dance to the point of it being your whole world.  Although we do not discourage our students from taking more classes, we believe that family and education are more important than exhausting a child to the point of taking dance so much that it takes away from their child hood, normal play and family time.  Cynthia was a child who chose to take three or four dance classes a week which enabled her to be the excellent dancer and dance teacher that she is.  At High Spirit Dance, a student can be laid back about dance or more serious about it.  That is left to the parent and child.

High Spirit Dance is the best way to get our youth away from the television, off the couch and into a positive atmosphere where they can interact with their peers and develop confidence. Being involved with High Spirit Dance will also teach the importance of commitment, hard work and dedication.

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