"I’m writing because my daughter Katalina has been dancing for High Spirit Dance since she was 2 ½ years old. She loves it. She has been in numerous parades and dance recitals. She has really grown since she has been attending. She is an only child so she was not really in the habit of sharing or getting along with others. Now I can see so much change in her. She is five now and she loves her ballet class and her teacher. High Spirit Dance Rocks!!!"

Doreen De La Cruz
"My daughter Jeriana has developed a love for dance that will remain with her for the rest of her life thanks to High Spirit Dance."

Julie Trujillo
"I wanted to take a minute and thank Peggie for offering these classes to our children. When my daughter was born we knew she would be a dancer, and this is why we named her "Baila". Baila has been dancing with High Spirit for over 6 years and has been introduced to many different types of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pointe & Flamenco. As a parent, I can't wait for competitions and recital's to come around. Nothing is more special than seeing all of your child's hard work and dedication develop into a beautiful performance. Thank You Again." Jessica
"In my opinion, High Spirt dance is the best dance school in the world!!!" Denise Corriz
"My daughter Cienna has been a part of High Spirit Dance for 4 ½ years. During these years, she has been motivated by the dance instructors, peers, and Peggie Salazar, the owner of High Spirit Dance. It has been a remarkable experience. I enjoy the once-a-week practice and the recitals that they perform. And most recently, participated in the parades throughout the year. It has been a blessing to my daughter as well as to me, with the spiritual music but most notably with the self-esteem, these children are shown. Peggie is a remarkable woman who has battled her own experiences in life but never seems to give up on our children. I would definitely recommend High Spirit Dance to your children. The once a monthly rate is very affordable, with fund raisers to help in this battle of the economy. You will enjoy High Spirit Dance!" Sincerely, Anna Chavez
"My daughter started with High Spirit Dance when she was in either the 1st or 2nd grade and she is now in the 4th grade. At first I wasn't too sure about keeping her in it because she was discouraged about how she was dancing and not fitting in with the girls but then she surprised me. Being in High Spirit Dance has made her very confident in herself and she enjoys going to every class. She moved up to the competition class and is one of the youngest girls in her class, thanks to Cynthia. Her dance teacher Cynthia is one of the best teachers I have seen. She is great with the girls and is excellent at what she does with the girls. My daughter looks forward to every recital and loves to wear the costumes. I like that we can do fundraising for costumes and tuition through this program. High Spirit Dance was the best decision I made for my daughter as far as a sport. Peggie the founder of High Spirit Dance knows her stuff. She is a good, caring person. I am glad she is running the High Spirit Dance." Sonja, Mom of Shamya
"My daughter has been with High Spirit Dance for 3 years and enjoys the classes and has learned a lot. She really enjoys participating in the recitals. I like that there are different classes around Albuquerque to have the option to make up classes if missed. I would recommend High Spirit Dance to anyone." Michelle
My name is Marina Barros. I have 3 children enrolled with High Spirit Dance. It is 14 years total that we have been involved. My oldest child started dance at age 4. She is almost 18 and continues with High Spirit Dance as a teacher and a student. My experience with the company has been a pleasant one. Dance practice has taught my children commitment, performing on stage has taught them confidence and attending awards ceremonies has taught them there is a reward for your commitment and hard work. Peggie has made it affordable with a family discount along with fundraisers available to cover costumes and tuition. I have referred many parents to High Spirit Dance over the years because I know they will have no regrets. I encourage any parent thinking of enrolling their child in dance to start with High Spirit Dance company. Marina Barros, proud parent of Casandra." Mylina & Miranda Barros
"My daughter Brianna has been with High Spirit Dance for almost 13 years. Brianna has done ballet, and flamenco and is currently doing pointe ballet. She enjoys dancing and I like the affordability as well as the proximity of the class. High Spirit Dance is unique in the music that is selected for the recitals which is Christian music and I think everyone benefits from it."

Ann Gonzales
"My daughter, Jae'dyn Peralta has been dancing with High Spirit Dance since she was 2 1/2 years old. She is now 7 years old. She absolutely loves it. She takes ballet and Jazz classes with High Spirit Dance and has also done the Father and Daughter Dance, Mother and Daughter Dance as well as the Christmas Parade. It has been such a great experience for her. Not only has she become a beautiful dancer through High Spirit Dance, she also gets to perform 2 recitals a year and she loves all the beautiful costumes. The classes are fun and she loves her teacher! I would recommend High Spirit Dance to any little girl or boy who wants to dance and perform. My daughter loves it!" Denise Peralta
"High Spirit Dance is very positive, loving and educational! My daughter has been in different classes for about 4 years. High Spirit Dance has helped her overcome her shyness by performing in front of many at different recitals. The music and classes are faith based. Everyone who works for High Spirit Dance are positive and talented. My daughter not only looks forward to practice. She is extremely motivated for the local parades and the recitals." Joyce M. Pena
"My daughter Analesa has been dancing with High Spirit Dance since she was three years old, she is now seven. I have seen her confidence and self esteem grow because of the performances done in front of the large audiences. Analesa looks forward to practice every week. She tells me that when she grows up she wants to be a dancer and when she is 40 years old she wants to be a dance teacher. I think thats cute! Analesa says dancing is her life! As a parent I think this is a very positive program for young children to be involved in because it teaches them the art of dance, gives them the self esteem to perform and they dance to Christan music. Peggie and her family are wonderful people and I would highly recommend High Spirit Dance to anyone who is looking for a dance program." Renee M.
"My daughter has been going to High Spirit Dance since she was 2. She is now 11 years old and still enjoys dance just like she did when she was 2. My daughter has grown as a dancer with High Spirit Dance. There are many different types of classes for her. She enjoys going to dance every week. It is fun and exciting for her to see what new dance move she is going learn. The dance recital's are rewarding for the dancers to show their parents what they've done in class. The recitals are a true watch all the different dances on stages from the three year old groups to the adult groups. They also have an Awards Assembly for the kids every year to reward them on the years they've been with High Spirit Dance and their hard work. My daughter has her trophy's in her room with pride. As a Mom I love that she is dancing to Christian music and her costumes are appropriate for her. It's nice that High Spirit Dance has fundraising for their costumes. I have enjoyed many years with High Spirit Dance. It is a joy to watch my daughter dance with High Spirit Dance every year." Ashley Gutierrez
"I just wanted to Thank You for all of your hard work that went into the parade. Erin had a blast! Our family has a wonderful memory and the float and dancers were the most energetic and bright! The crowd lit up when we saw your dancers come around the corner! Thank You!" Shannon Konefel