Important Information

Dance Attire

Jazz/hip hop classes:

anything that is stretchy and snug fitting and soft

black jazz shoes

Ballet classes:

leotard and tights, any color

pink leather ballet shoes

3-6 yr. old hip hop/ballet/jazz class:

leotard and tights or anything that is stretchy and snug fitting,

any color and pink leather ballet shoes

boys hip hop/breakdance:

street clothes

tennis shoes is fine

cheer & tumbling:

anything that is stretchy and snug fitting

tennis shoes for cheer and bare foot for tumbling


Dance shoes may be purchased from Amazon NM Dancewear.

If students are not wearing the proper attire the teacher may ask your child to sit down and not do class so please make sure the proper attire is worn. No street clothes for girls classes please. Only dancewear and dance shoes.

For all classes: no tummy showing or cleavage for the older girls


We are a year round program. If you should choose to disenroll in the future, please do so by calling Peggie at 610-0042 or send an email to


We do three recitals per year. Costume are $60. You will have the option to do fundraising which will starts about one month after each new session begins.


Parents may stay in the class for the first day. After that, please drop off your child and pick up after class.