Peggie Salazar, High Spirit Dance Owner

Peggie Salazar | High Spirit Dance Owner

Peggie began High Spirit Dance in May of 1991. Her love of dance began as a young child at family weddings, reunions and celebrations. Peggie was not a typical dance student brought up dancing in a dance studio as many dancers are. She danced in a local dance studio for only about four months and also a community dance group called Las Senoritas led by Steve Gutierrez for one year when she was in sixth grade. In high school, Peggie danced with the Castenettes for two years, her high school dance team. She was captain her senior year but was unable to fulfill that duty all year due to medical issues. Two years after high school, Peggie went to the University of New Mexico and in 1993 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance with a minor in business. When she began High Spirit Dance, she had already committed her life to Christianity and made a promise to God to always lead and govern her business with the principles of the bible. Thus “Dancing for Jesus” is what she stands by. Peggie’s main goal in addition to giving children the love for dance is to bring Christian music and Christian values into the lives of High Spirit Dance students and their families. Dance is one of her loves but Jesus is the love of her life. Her main priority of life is her boys: Jeff, Joey & Nathan. Although dance is not the priority of their lives, her boys have always been involved with High Spirit Dance either through performing on stage or helping run the business. Shhh, even though they won’t always admit it they happily dance around their home throughout happy moments in their lives. Peggie believes that dance is our ultimate expression to God and the joy He brings to us.