Our Mission

Here at High Spirit, our goal is to influence today’s youth to be confident, charismatic, and productive in the community. One of our main distinctions is that we choreograph and dance to Christian music. Our goal is also to get our youth away from the television, off the couch, and into a positive atmosphere where they can interact with their peers and develop confidence. Being involved with High Spirit Dance will also teach the importance of commitment, hard work, teamwork, and dedication.

Our Values

We have high standards of morality which do not allow our students to dance to music with negative lyrics, wear revealing costumes or perform inappropriate dance movements. With the pressure of today’s permissive society, we believe we need to direct our youth in the right direction. We value training well-versed dancers but not to the point of exhaustion. We believe that family and education are more important than exhausting a child to the point of taking dance so much that it takes away from their childhood, normal play, and family time.